feel good time in the sun…

Dear diablog,

Marc Bolan of T Rex

bolanhas long been a pinup/favourite of Mme’s so to bring happiness to her and everyone else for the weekend I commissioned a film to feature all the staff of the International HQ, Pete, Smiles, Engine Room and all our commentators and friends (plus a couple of those passed on!) to tell you that

which I hope makes you smile and tap along.

Yours, diablog, riding a white swan


clip thanks to youtube

3 thoughts on “feel good time in the sun…

  1. Dear Glynsky
    Thank you very much. I managed to find ER on sax. Pete in his Sailor uniform but still looking for me. Any clues, please.
    I think that it is a little unfair that I am mentioned before ER as he is doing a wonderful job in updating the diablog again.

  2. Thanks, Smiles,

    and to Glynsky for great memories.
    Do we get all movie titles together?

    Footloose, Breakfast Club, Rainman, …


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