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Dear Reader,

In recent comments Smiles settled once and for all what makes a real man:

  1. he drinks bitter (stuff)
  2. he does not own/use a smartphone

Whether you agree or not, this post features an interesting artist, real man, cool dude, etc. You have heard from him literally earlier on diablog. Glynsky posted a song here. Of course I am talking about Dieter Meier of Yello.

And here is one of my favorite songs from this multi-talent, for our cool dude Smiles, and for you to get into weekend mood:

For translations of the lyrics I kindly refer you to our beloved commentators, Smiles and Elsbeth.


Engine Room

6 thoughts on “Cool Dude

    1. I bet, not even Pete could keep his feet still.
      And now take into consideration, the composer,
      Boris Blank, has no formal musical education.
      He used to be a truck driver. What a genius.

  1. I will have to add this to my ‘likes’.. Plus more….

    Really a wow, he sounds adorable… Well done him! I am glad he is happy.

    And thank for posting ER, this made a great pre jog tune, it got me up! And I think I might have ran faster ? Who knows, I am pooped!


    I hope you have had a good day, and also nice to hear a favourite of yours.


  2. No problem with the translation.
    What happened to the European educational system of mother tongue PLUS 2 languages? Even Glynsky qualifies for this.
    My father was a fork lift truck driver. He is not a genius but a great guy.
    I accept the silence from Glynsky and Pete as affirmative for Malaga. Now we only need to decide when.

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