35 years

Dear Reader,

With all the NSA scandals and British government gone totally mad, one might forget Bradley Manning. Today he received his sentencing:

35 Years in Prison

for informing the world about US war crimes.

As long as people like Manning, Assange and Snowden are political prisoners, in the sense that they are imprisoned or persecuted for political reasons, I will keep playing the following record, which we had on diablog before. If you happen to know a better suited or more recent one, please, let me know:

Remember when political prisoners were condemned in the United States, instead of imprisoned in the United States? It wasn’t that long ago.

With an ardent “fuck you” to Obama,

Engine Room

16 thoughts on “35 years

    1. It is an emoticon, turn your head to the left. The reason was you mentioning that so-called sport. If G sees this, he will get started.

  1. I know what is an emoticon, only I had never seen this one.
    Anyway, Glynsky will be happy today as The Arse won 0-3 in Istanbul. Rumour has it that he watched the match in his local Kebab House in North London.

    1. Glynsky on roast? Glynsky on toast?
      One could feed an army with that.

      Galatasaray owns a lovely island
      with a brilliant (men-only) club.


  2. So you do like football after all. Must visit Galatasary Islet.
    What do you think of your hero now after stating that he joined the Army to pay his university fees? This is like the US soldiers who joined the Army and then shoot themselves in the foot when they get posted to Iraq or Afghanistan. WTK did they join the Army, thinking that they might be sent overseas to do their job.
    I have no time for such people.
    Men should be men !!!!

    1. Nop, I liked visiting the island/club. It was private then.

      I do not have heroes. Why somebody joins an army beats me.

      Bradley Manning did something legally wrong, yet morally right.
      That’s what whistle blowers do. They all break a rule or law,
      to inform about something wrong.
      The world decided in the 1940s, “I just followed orders”
      is not good enough as an excuse.


  3. Sorry ER but if you join the Armed Forces, you follow orders.
    He did not have to join but saw it as a way to pay his University

  4. For the right £ I would follow orders to the letter Z, but then again its easier to follow your own orders… And £ is always negotioable dependent on year not boss!


  5. A great win in Tbilisi. I wanted to go but have a lot of trips in next weeks and decided to spend time with family in Vilnius. Next time I will follow my heart and go.

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