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Since our beloved commentator Smiles educated us about what real men do here, let’s talk about cool again. Already in the early days of diablog we talked about the “King of Cool”. Glynsky thought it was Tony Curtis, and I thought it was Steve McQueen. We were wrong, the original King of Cool was Dean Martin. But all three were real men.

While it is hard to say what makes a real man, one thing does not: wearing jewelry.

In my humble opinion the only jewelry a man is allowed to wear is a watch. Unless you want to look like a rapper, pimp, shmock, etc.

With Steve McQueen I share the appreciation for one particular watch brand: Heuer. I am referring to the old Heuer, not the TAG Heuer of today. Here you can see Steve wearing the legendary Monaco watch:


How did Steve McQueen and Heuer get together? Through racing. Heuer started making watches for race car drivers and pilots, mounted on the dashboard. Its sub-label Autavia is a mix of Automobile and Aviation. There is a brilliant website – onthedash.com – about the old Heuer. Here are dash mounted ones. Which Heuer watches do I like?

I am very fond of this time piece from the 50s:


Here is a better pic from onthedash:


and I like this big one from the 70s:


again a better pic from onthedash


Heuer watches last forever. They are almost unbreakable. Both models above have been in use and working for decades. They have been exposed to heat, water, dust, shocks, etc. They have been worn 24/7 and are running perfectly well. Which cannot be said about other watches in the collection, like the Rolex.

Keep watching,

Engine Room

14 thoughts on “On my watch

  1. Hi ER.
    I agree with you that real men only need to wear watches as the only item of jewellery. I own several watches. I could list them but I do not want to show off.
    As there are so many cheap Chinese copies around, the great thing about wearing a real watch is that the owner/wearer knows that it is real.
    Maybe a Heuer next time. Looking for a watch with a green face. Any ideas ?

  2. Green face or a large green ring.
    Generally metal strap.
    I think that Bell USA makes such a watch. Will have to look again.

    1. Bell or Ball?
      “US Army” watches often come with a green dial. So does the Rolex Submariner, which then includes a green ring. But I’d never buy a Rolex.


  3. Actually I have it for approx 25 years. I wear watches for a week and then change to a different one. In the safe, it stops as I have not invested in a proper box with movement.

  4. Trying to fix mine at moment so I do not have to buy a new one :-(….

    It costs more to repair mine that it is buy a new one… :-/xxx and I don’t want a new one either…. The one I have is perfect.


  5. Hey,

    I have rang for a new quote, I should have the approximation by Wednesday, I feel as I went straight to the source it might be cheaper (fingers crossed)…

    To be honest I like it because of the way it looks more than anything, and leather takes a while to wear down, if I baught a new one I would have to wait to love it ….

    Casper X

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Casper,
      I needed to take care of my leather
      laptop bag. I too like old things.
      How else could I still support Glynsky?


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