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Dear diablog,

I have just realised (with shame) that it is quite some while since I returned to our treasure chest of the life of our seriously cool hero, Sasha Fisher.

sasha on set

To briefly remind you, after all this time, I quote bits from the speech at his funeral:

Born in Russia, prewar, worked for Columbia Records travelling and collecting folk music from the whole of the Far East – joined RNVR in 1939 – became Lt. Commander of HMS Caverhouse (torpedoed once, mined once!) – loaned to South African Navy – seconded to Special Branch – liason with Russian forcesĀ  and and…

Enough for now, but a seriously interesting and varied life – add all his films and the mind boggles!

Amongst his ‘stuff’ were some documents that some while ago Smiles translated for me. Since the Computer Crash of ’13 these have been lost – maybe he’ll do them again for me.

They include 2 in Russian

Sasha Docs Russian

which interestingly enough are 20 years apart! We know he was born in Russia, but what are these all about!

The earlier probably during a visit, whilst the later was in the middle of the war – phew!

Yours, diablog, using acrylic


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  1. If I translate these again, do you promise not to lose again? Do what normal and intelligent people do ie print out and keep in a folder.
    Cost of translation. Wear a Spurs shirt at WHL and be photographed by Pete and let it be posted on the diablog.

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