been there, done that…

Dear Diablog,

Here I asked Smiles to translate a couple of documents found in our Sasha Fisher hoard and he tetchily replied that he would only do it if I carried out some sort of dastardly forfeit!

Luckily, the emailed translation has been found and is as follows:

The first document is issued by Soviet Embassy in UK. It says:

“Embassy of USSR in UK asks Your assistance to Mr. Fisher Alexander for passing the customs point “101 Moscow Airport”. Mr. Fischer has a diplomatic visa issued by Consular Section of Soviet Embassy on 19.09.1941″”

Second document is:

“Identity Card issued by Commission of Privoljsk Millitary district responsible for Red Army supplies issues to Technician Mr. A. A. Fisher in order to state that he works in Soremovo factory in technical service and has all the rights and previledges of Person giving technical service to the army.

1. He can be called to millitary service only by written permission of the Institution for which he works for.
2. Has a right to second category for food and accomodation.
3. Arrests, confiscations, moving outs of this person only by written permission of the Institution for which he works for.

Thank you so much mon ami, much appreciated.

But there are a couple more!

Again my friend Smiles has had them translated for me

Sasha Fisher Docs 3 and 4

Pass issued by the Popular Commission of Internal Affairs.

Issued to Mr Fischer to allow visits to Molotovsk City.

Valid with Passport or business trip approval document.


The person holding this pass for Prohibited Zones of State Border must register in local office of the Popular Commission of Internal Affairs within 48 hours of arrival date. Same check out procedure must also be executed in local office of Popular Commission of Internal Affairs.

Any person not registering according to these rules will be punished by law.

What was he up to in 1941??

Yours, diablog, out of steppes


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  1. Seek and ye shall find.
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