Idiot of the Day

Dear Reader,

It is time to award another one of diablog’s Idiot of the Day medals.

The proud recipient today is the British Prime Minister David Cameron for threatening the British press, The Guardian in particular, with censorship over their reporting about the NSA and GCHQ spying. You can read it here for example.

Cameron’s mumbling is stupid in itself. But there is more:

1) Shouldn’t Idiot of the Day Cameron protect his citizens from being spied upon?

2) Idiot of the Day Cameron likes free press, but only as long as it is not writing about his fubar?

3) Idiot of the Day Cameron still cannot grasp, that the leaks are available globally?

4) Idiot of the Day Cameron has yet to learn about the Streisand effect?

Among his peers, I have a hard time finding someone as stupid as David Cameron. Obama at least keeps his mouth shut. Which isn’t much of an accomplishment, but at least not as stupid as Cameron. He is turning the Brits into a laughing stock. Churchill and Disraeli must be rotating in their graves today.

Stay amused,

Engine Room

PS: And should you, Brits, have a problem finding the leaks ever, there is always

3 thoughts on “Idiot of the Day

  1. Dearest Pete,
    Cryptome does not edit, it might be a bit too raw for your liking.

    BTW, British internet service providers are blocking an additional 20+ torrent sites as of today, as requested by the British Copyright Idiots, aka BPI.

    But you know how to circumvent censorship, don’t you?


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