the eagle has landed 1…

Dear diablog,

I make no apologies for publishing this on the 69th anniversary of this document – it is the day Sasha received it!

I suppose there is a case for having left it til the 70th anniversary, but knowing me I could have easily lost it by then!

Much of this post is guess work (as this is one that Smiles has not had translated!) but we seem to have added reason for the admiration of Sasha and his wartime exploits.

The Order of the White Eagle is described here, and it would appear that it also existed in Poland though I think that due to his work in former Yugoslavia it would be the Serb one.

It would, I guess, be linked to the (now stolen) watch shown here.

I apologise for the large chopped off sections, my scanner can’t cope!!


The document is very imposing…

…and even better is that we have his ‘badge bar’ showing the award

military medals dress bar white eagle

though sadly it would appear that the full size ‘gong’ has gone astray.

It would be good to someday discover what he actually did. All his correspondance to home is in Russian and I hesitate to bother Smiles with the translation of about 100 letters. I will publish some more soon – provided the scanner keeps up!

The search continues and more will be posted, but he certainly seems to have got around.

Yours, diablog, medallion man


PS. Is there anyone out there who knows about medals?

Here is the whole ‘dress bar’ – it would be fun to know what each one was for. As he is unfortuneatly dead he would, I believe, had qualified for the new Arctic Convoy medal – maybe I will have to spend some time at Kew to find out.

military medals dress bar

9 thoughts on “the eagle has landed 1…

  1. A good and very interesting post, Glynsky.
    After your showing against Chelski last night, I am sure that Roman will help you with the translation, so please send to Stamford Bridge.

  2. Dear Comrade Glynsky
    It is written in Serbian and not Russian. I cannot believe that Stalin would use such Imperialist Coat of Arms.
    This replaces my previous comment completely.
    PS. I cannot believe that you were awake at 07.00 UK time to send this post.

  3. Wotuon?
    a) did you read text at 8.02? I said it was Serb!!!
    b) check your history – uncle jo took ‘a few months’ to get bro tito installed properly. til then king michael was on duty.
    c) i had asked each of the west ham scorers for help, but the just laughed – c’est la vie, say the old folk (chuck berry).
    d) up at 6.45 ish as always – do not confuse me with pete and er!

  4. Dear Glynsky
    Your reference to Serb refers to the Eagle not the text.
    Do you hava a problem with capitals today even if you live in one ?

  5. Shit, a typing error with “hava” or was I trying to mimic Glynsky’s Italian English.
    I will leave you to decide.
    Pete – Time to get up.

  6. As it ‘appens, Pete and I were at the same dinner party last night.
    If the ‘cooking’ has done the same to him he wont be up all day!!!

  7. I cannot attend every event, party, and dinner Glynsky goes to. Pete is his keeper and guardian. Only he can handle the man.


    And Mdme Glynskette, of course.

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