50+ ways to promore the US states

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator Smiles thinks, I don’t like the USA enough. He went as far as suggesting I go and live in North Korea.

So let me quote an internet classic, rejected US State motto, to promote the USA:

Literacy ain’t everything

Come freeze your butt off

Winter home to 150,000 snowbirds

At least we’re not Mississippi
Litterasy ain’t everything

Nobody’s actually from here
The really long state

Too wimpy to cross the mountains so we stopped here
If you don’t ski, don’t bother

Way too close to New York
Like Massachusetts, only dirtier and with less character

You’ll need a map to find us
So close to Washington you can smell it

The Gunshine State
Elephant Graveyard; where the old Republicans go to die

Home of the Rednecks
We put the “Fun” in Fundamental Extremism

Sure, we’ve got Interstates… drive on over
Come, get lei-ed

Ain’t nothing here
We don’t care if you spell potato with an “e”

Land of the voting dead
Gateway to Iowa

Home of David Letterman
2 billion years tidal-wave-free

Just east of Omaha
It’s easy to spell

Ya want flat, we got flat

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Every Picture Tells A Story

I admit to being a loather of the recent explosion of ‘Selfie‘ pictures published all over the social media.

However just occasionally something comes along to modify my view on the subject.

On this occasion I am grateful to the Guardian Newspaper for allowing me to publish the pictures shown below which I found both beautiful and  fascinating.

Each week, the Guardian Weekend magazine’s editorial team choose a picture, or set of pictures, they particularly like.
This week, their choice is by an excellent photographer called Sophie Starzenski
She has called these photos shown below: 40 weeks and a mirror


semi-naked woman taking self-portrait with camera

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our tech support 2…

Dear diablog,

I really struggled as to the order in which to offer the two ‘Tech Support’ items sent by our ladies as they arrived within hours of each other.

It probably doesn’t matter, but Engine Room is very aware of ‘competitive females’ for some reason and lectures me incessantly.

I, in my innocence, had always thought that I had to compete for females but it would appear that I got that one very wrong – apparently.

Bless him though, Engine Room has helped me through computer glitches on more occasions than I would dare admit – and without one word of reproach.

It would seem not to be the case for Erikaerika3

who has kept note of one of her recent attempts to conquer a problem and writes:

Resetting The Password

“Sorry, your password has been in use for 30 days and has expired – you must
register a new one.”


“Sorry, too few characters.”

pretty roses

“Sorry, you must use at least one numerical character.”

1 pretty rose

“Sorry, you cannot use blank spaces.”


“Sorry, you must use at least 10 different characters.”


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40 Years ago

Dear Reader,

As to not bore you to death, I keep my writing about the US American “We spy on Everyone” scandal to a minimum. Following you will find two short notices.

Reportedly, the NSA broke into 50,000 computer networks and infected them with spyware.

By its own laws the USA through its agency committed crimes, acts of computer terrorism, acts of war, that according to the US government justify retaliation with conventional weapons.


In somewhat related news I found the following gem:

40 years ago, two journalists showed the world that the president of the most powerful nation used the Secret Services to wiretap his political opponents. This investigative work granted them the Pulitzer Prize and led to the resignation of the president.

Today, actors empowered by the digital culture show to the world that the president of the same nation wiretaps the whole world. He sends soldiers to cynically kill civilians. Another Pulitzer Prize? No, 35 years in prison for one and a hunt across the world for the other. The president in question, on the contrary, holds a Nobel Peace Prize.

Have a great Monday,

Engine Room