New Year Revolution

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2013 has been a bit of a joke at times, and I am not totally sorry to see the back of it.

As I write the wind is gaining strength and the rain is lashing down and tonight, on New Years Eve, I have the prospect of dining with Glynsky and Doctor Death the dentist.

As the well known song and perennial diablog anthem says, ‘ Things can only get bitter ‘

In the meantime I will end the year with a joke about a psychoanalyst. For your information I happen to live with one, and the trouble is one can never get away with anything without her finding out.

Therefore in order to keep out of trouble I will continue to remain perfect. So there you have it. That’s my new year resolution, or is it? Continue reading “New Year Revolution”

since 1905, to end 2014??

Dear diablog,

Many of you seem to love the car posts, but to even those that don’t I hope that you will find a moment or two to send an e-vote from the link below.

I would be surprised if any of our readers have ever heard of the Brighton Speed Trials let alone been to it.

However, before reading on have a quick glimpse at this and be awe struck at the names of past participants.

Having been there every year for about 10 at the height of my competitive driving exploits I can assure you that it is crazy




and an event for bikes, cars, dragsters, classics and Joe Schmoe in his Cortina that is unique in the world.

The well known (to Brits) genteel seaside town hosts, for 2 days a year, what is, to Americans, a drag meet and to Brits a Speed Trial and to most Europeans a Sprint.


down the main sea side promenade and, the best bit for anyone going, the opportunity to get right up and real close as the public virtually line the road and you can have all the access you want to the pits.

And it is free!


Its been going since


1905 and blow me, the local council wants to stop it!!!


WTF for???

Please, if you have a minute or two, help to save an institution by following the link  and voting here (NOTE: Casper has found not working – see new link in comments. Votes to be in in next few days please!) and let others enjoy…

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30C3 Keynote Glenn Greenwald

Dear Reader,

The 30th Chaos Communication Congress, aka 30C3, is taking place in Germany. Due to increasing participation the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) moved the congress from Berlin to Hamburg. We cannot all go there, although some 8,000+ people did. Meaning, that congress center is yet again too small.

But as much as I would like, we don’t have to go there. Most sessions are available via live stream. Yeah, I am doing some night shifts. Or you can watch recordings at the time of your convenience. Isn’t it great? Well done, CCC.

Here now is the recording of the keynote by Glenn Greenwald:

I highly recommend you watch it, at least from around the 20th minute. Extremely interesting is the short Q & A session, roughly the last 12 minutes.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

Glynsky’s Christmas

Dear Reader,

First pictures of Glynsky at the Christmas Day table have arrived and have gone viral. It seems he is well on his way to become an internet celebrity.

Here is one shot from an unknown paparazzi:

Happy holidays,

Engine Room

I Saw Glynsky Kissing Santa Claus

I am sorry about the Title of this submission, which happens to be true,  but it was better than the other one I came up with:

‘Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire

which I felt might upset our millions of animal lover readers.

Meanwhile  Christmas comes but once a year a bit like (fill in name of anyone you wish)

Anyway the point of all this yuletide cheer is to find out from you all the answer to the following question. Continue reading “I Saw Glynsky Kissing Santa Claus”