An apple a day

Dear Reader,

The headline might be slightly misleading, this post is not about health. It is about one of my favorite issues, drinks.

There are quite a few spirits pretty much everyone knows or has heard about, like whiskey, cognac, vodka, gin. And then there are a few less popular or less known ones.

Besides cognac out of France come two more brandies, which I prefer occasionally. One is the Armagnac, and the one I would like to recommend today is Calvados.

Calvados is made from cider, which is first distilled and then aged in oak casks for at least two years. As with other great drinks storing it longer improves the product. Depending on the apples selected you get either a somewhat sour or almost sweet beverage.

There is an excellent one called Boulard:


This one is a very smooth Calvados Pays d’Auge, a bit on the sweet side, with a prominent fruity apple flavor. It is delicious and has won plenty of prizes in recent years. For cold Winter nights like now, this is a great drink to enjoy in front of the fireplace.

Stay healthy,

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4 thoughts on “An apple a day

  1. Glynsky thanks for the great advise about – who my friends are.
    I have stopped being civil to idiots, such a huge weight of my shoulders!!.

    You are a star – thank you!!! You are one of kind and I am glad you accepted me as me, probably the best ego boost. Not that I needed one!

    Tis my Burfday today … I wonder what Pedro has planned for me….? Ha ha



  2. Holy Moly Casper – didn’t know that!
    Happy happy one to you – and now I am real pleased I put one up this morning for you!!!
    Pass the prosecco.

  3. Dear Casper
    Just returned home after long flight from Beijing.
    Had I have known, I would have bought you a panda.
    I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and many many more.

  4. Lol, Glynsky, Holy Moly indeed!!! (I am glad you like the word enough to use it)
    Thank You for the post, even though it was not for my birthday it is very sweet of you.
    (I will have a proper look in a couple of hours and comment), Enjoy your drink.

    Smiles, the fact that you had the energy to wish me well is nice. I appreciate it very much. It is the weekend. Enjoy yours.



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