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Dear diablog,

Whilst doing the Dave Edmunds post it occurred to me that there was a time when pop turned to the classics (ie from other genres) to make, mostly instrumentals, of well known numbers. These will be hell to Engine Room’s ears as they are mostly on the guitar, and b)played at whatever tempo suited – definitely not ‘his cuppa char’.

Luckily the man’s patience is never ending and without his help, most of these vids would not have been accessible to me.

Many think that it all started with the Shadows

from about 1960 and whose FBI hit will resonate in Engine Room’s paranoia! They seemed to open the doors to everyone for this kind of thing.

However, in 1959 this Tchaikovsky piece (March of the Wooden Soldiers – The Nutcracker) finally issued in 1962 kinda predates the Shadows and I found it with this crazy…


which then got me into another genre ‘classic folk’ where these Swedish one hit (and fashion wrecker) wonders give a virtuoso performance of Orange Blossom Special wearing Dr. Who cast off costumes.

What did they think they looked like!

To be fair, they look a little abashed about the whole thing so I shan’t be too unkind.

There are loads of these weird number around and I shall enjoy digging them up – hopefully not impairing ER’s hearing further.

Yours, diablog, rockin’ all over the world


5 thoughts on “classics in pop 1…

  1. It is very clear that there was no midweek game as you had plenty of time for digging up such classics. I am sure that the Druid remembers them all well as you are in the same age group. I hope that he enjoys his Saga Holiday.

  2. C’mon C’mon mon’

    Leave El Smiles alone now.

    He is just ‘easy come, easy go’ < classic did you say Glynsky?

    Which is the above,



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