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Last Friday Netflix released the 2nd season of its highly acclaimed production House of Cards. With two feet of snow in the city this weekend, one could easily indulge in what is now called “binge viewing“, watching all 13 episodes over the weekend. If you have not seen it yet, don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this post.

The new episodes are full of references to current affairs. Three I would like to point out. They all relate to the hacker string and Anonymous.

1. When a journalist visits a server farm, the tour guide says: “We have over 9000 servers here”.

This is a nice reference to the over 9000 meme from Dragon Ball Z, which is popular among Anonymous.

2. The cracker turned FBI informant (inspired by Sabu?) is criticized by the FBI for not “having delivered AVunit yet”.

This is a reference to avunit of Anonymous offspring LulzSec, who has not been caught. And it seems avunit enjoys the attention:

3. Later in the season the FBI informant demands, “release Barrett Brown

Falsely, Barret Brown often is referred to as the mouth piece of Anonymous, which by definition Anonymous cannot have. But his presence in IRC chats frequented by Anonymous and LulzSec as well as his reporting about both made him a target of the US government. You can read about this ridiculous case here. If you want to support Barrett Brown, you can do so here: And more about the illegal treatment of Anonymous by the GCHQ you can find here.

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  1. You worry me!
    The original HoC (British old bean!) would not have stooped to such things – GCHQ would have immediately been on the line.

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