classics in pop 2…

Dear diablog,

Continuing the ‘occasional’ classics in pop I start with this forgotten gem – which is neither really a ‘classic’ nor I guess ‘pop’, but then the clue is in the title.

and having been given the full treatment I suppose will do.

However, having featured Dave Edmunds a while ago, from his roots the cap fits…

… with Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance perfectly.

As it also does for a completely forgotten band Nero and The Gladiators

nerowhose line up and pedigree are well worth a look (for the older!) who covered all sorts including Grieg

a Czardas, Fučík’s ‘Entry of the Gladiators’ (with the intro spoken by Slade!) and a rather eclectic list of others. Interestingly the classical covers were, at the time, banned by the BBC but still made the charts.

This sort of fun seems to have died off but I think it helped people who had no idea discover other genres and composers.

Yours, diablog, searchin’ the archives


7 thoughts on “classics in pop 2…

  1. Good grief Druid, you don’t look old enough!
    Sorry Smiles, Pete must be kaput, finito an ex person.

  2. Brill…
    Telstar comes to mind as another. Anything on the guitar for me – just love it.
    Have you really “lost” Pete without trace, or is he just resting then?

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