96club, march 2…

Dear diablog,

I sometimes think, as he is the only one to comment on car posts, that the only person in the whole world who looks at these posts is the Inverness Druid.

However, in the spirit of diablog to amuse someone, anyone, I continue with some of the March offerings at the Millbank Tower (from which we will be moving in April – more later).

You have already once seen Sally’s Mk 1 Mustang


which is as immaculate as the blonde bombshell owner


though to my taste a tad too garish inside…



but from the sublime – a Jaguar XKSS


and this is a real one – not one of the abounding copies available


with absolutely gorgeous lines


to the ridiculous in a Jowett Jupiter






complete with switches in that strange pale yellow plastic which just gets yellower and yellower

via a full race Sebring Sprite


¬†with Glynsky’s Alfa Giulia GTC (of which more in the future) in the background


And then back home in eager anticipation of the April event!

Yours, diablog, in top gear


8 thoughts on “96club, march 2…

  1. Another excellent car blog, I envy you down south having so many opportunities to see classic cars.
    Yes American metal is a tad garish, but I do love them. I owned a 1979 Mustang Ghia when I lived in Pasadena, couldn’t find the little old lady though !!.
    The lines of the XKSS are stunning, I still remember seeing my first E-type on my way to school and I believe it’s one of the all time greats.
    Good to see the GTC on an outing, did the dashboard survive ??
    Just keep reading Casper, you’ll eventually understand and grasp the great love Glynsky and I share for old cars.

  2. Smiles is right, especially regarding what Glynsky calls “blonde bombshell”. The man needs glasses.

  3. Thank you all – except for the usual ER grump. I like her – ya boo sucks!!
    Caspie, you are today’s heroine. Sometime in the future something from your past will get you all dewy eyed. For us ol’ gits it is cars – and probably, as in Smiles case, now old women!

  4. Went into Galle today. Beautiful Fort. Looked down a side street and there was a 1960s Ford 100E, just like my Dad”s first car in 1961.
    Back to the old woman, who by the way, was not born in 1961.

  5. You’ve got another fan here, even if I don’t always comment I still enjoy looking them over. The E Type does it for me!

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