who got lucky?…

Dear diablog,

It is always fascinating to note the varied reactions of others to what seems to the originator completely normal.

Smiles and the Inverness Druid were mouthing off about cars whilst poor Caspie struggled to understand the whole point. My view, I guess, is that I like old things – maybe why we all get along so well!

In every life there are defining moments, particularly between men and women. This seems to have been one for whoever and thanks to Philippa


for supplying it.

How lucky was he!

Yours, diablog, in the money


5 thoughts on “who got lucky?…

  1. My hero.
    Reminds me of the joke ‘ pack your bags dear I’ve won the lottery. Where are we going, we’re not you are’.

  2. Oh dear, had I already posted it.
    Oh well, never mind. Enjoy the weekend guys – am off now til Monday, maybe!

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