The better Nutrocker

Dear Reader,

Glynsky left for the weekend, a good opportunity to correct his recent posts about classical music, as announced here.

Already on diablog we have played plenty of songs by the Dutch band Ekseption. We had Toccata, the 5th, Sabre Dance and Air.

So, classics in pop or jazz isn’t new. But it gets worse.

In this post, music ready for some more classical and remix, I played Emerson Lake & Palmer with their record Pictures at an Exhibition. And with what does that end? Correct, The Nutrocker.

Here is the better Nutrocker:


Engine Room

7 thoughts on “The better Nutrocker

  1. I confirm that it works.
    Beautiful weather in Vienna. Expecting 23 degrees later. Time to go and sit outside and enjoy a glass or 2 of cold dry white wine. Cheers !

  2. Don’t worry ER as it will come, sooner or later.
    It will be over 20 degrees every day this week in Vienna. Friday via Moscow to Tashkent, where it will be mid 20s.
    Keep warm.

  3. Sun is up here in Aberdeen, but it will only reach 8 degrees today.
    I still prefer the original version by B Bumble & the Stingers, maybe it’s an age thing.

    1. Dear Druid,
      That will make Glynsky happy.
      And isn’t that, what we all want?
      On second thought, it isn’t.

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