classics in pop 3…

Dear diablog,

If music be the food of love, play on!

That William knew a thing or three when he fed the line to Orsino in Twelfth Night and we mere mortals certainly love the love music – though sometimes become a little maudlin muddled as to the sentiment!

Unrequited, obsessive, dreamy, regretful, name it, we write songs about it. But on occasion having the object of your desire stolen from under your nose brings out the best.

This number, the original here, was definitive for pretty much every Brit Beat Band in the ’60’s. Written by Lieber and Stoller (with help from Richie Barrett) –  I absolutely love it to bits.


‘Some other Guy’ was covered by just about every one including (from the 18 I have found) the Beatles, Searchers, Swinging Blue Jeans and …



…the best (if you can put up with one of Glynsky’s favourite songs again) Dave Edmunds


However, as a ‘love song’ I have absolutely no idea what this bunch of wierdos thought they could achieve with Black Betty (I always thought it was a book about a horse!) in late ’69  – is it rock, punk or thrash? Did she respond? Did she like it?


– even stranger, it keeps being unearthed and replayed.

Maybe she had a lot of daughters!!

Yours, diablog, between rock and a place



5 thoughts on “classics in pop 3…

  1. I suppose in these days of political correctness we wouldn’t be able to use that song title. I though that version was much older than 1977.
    The bass player is definitely in the Freddie Mercury mode or is he just a member of the flower power.

    1. Dear Druid,
      Diablog goes by UTC, coordinated universal time, come rain or shine.
      Unless Glynsky says differently, of course. The whole universe follows his command.

  2. I think the clock is sorted – will check.
    As for Ram Jam – they are wierd and maybe the geezer is Scott McKenzie in disguise!

  3. Wazzzard all at Diablog! Great tunes Glynny x

    I send hugs x wishes of bbq’s and women to all you lovely men X



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