Happy 125th Eiffel Tower

Dear Reader,

Someone complained, we wouldn’t mention the French often enough. But, how many insults should one make in a year?

In any case, today we can congratulate the Eiffel Company, 125 years ago the tower – is it really a tower ? – by the same name was opened officially.

Upon completion and for 41 years the Eiffel tower was the largest structure in the world. Until the more beautiful Chrysler building was completed. And then the French had to add an antenna to their skeleton to beat the Chrysler building again. Talk about Napoleon (sic!) complex, or is it Sarcozy complex now?

By the way, the crazy French declared the ‘Eiffel Tower illuminated at night’ to be copyright protected. Really. Don’t publish pictures like those, you might get into trouble. Or maybe not. If in doubt, send your picture to diablog, we’ll take care of it.

The only reason I am mentioning the skeleton, is that the same Eiffel Company participated in the construction of a much more important and way more beautiful structure, my all time favorite lady:

Thanks for that!

Engine Room

PS: I suggest, Smiles is allowed to skip one gym session, if he mounts Mrs. Liberty.

19 thoughts on “Happy 125th Eiffel Tower

  1. Dear ER. I fear that I will not have the chance to mount Mrs Liberty this year as Mrs Smiles has decided against visit to NYC and Bermuda this year. Unlike me, she is not a great traveller and one long trip per year is enough. We will just have to put the oysters with accompanying bagpipes on hold :-).
    We are going to Sorrento and will spend some time on Capri and exploring the Amalfi Coast.
    Sorry to disappoint you !!!

  2. Do I detect a fault in the Diablog clock or did the Great Glynsky take an hour off by mistake.

  3. I sent my message at 5.58 am, so he must have taken an hour off.
    Glynsky should leave such matters to ER, as he understands such things. Then we would have a 24 hour clock instead of am and pm.

    1. What is this obsession with a time stamp all of a sudden? Keep bugging me, and we’ll go on a Pyongyang time stamp.


  4. I just remembered, it is 1st April and therefore St. Glynsky Day.
    Best Wishes to all Glynskys worldwide.

  5. Regarding the clock, my message this morning was sent at o5.58 Euroean time and therefore 04.58 UK time, so what time is the diablog clock set to ????????

  6. I remember climing up into her head way back in the late ’70s.
    ER – is it true that now one can’t do that with all the terrorist restriction in place these days, or is that just a false rumour?
    On Eiffel, if it’s not a tower what is it? Whatever, it’s quite iconic and of the time an engineering feat. It’s alot more comfortable climbing the lady than the tower! Actually completing the climb to the top (not taking the lift) is bravery it’self.

  7. Dear Philippa
    Try Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. Only 1200 steps to the top and in 35 degrees heat and humidity.

  8. Good choice Smiles – ANYTHING is better than visiting the US, and at least Amalfi has:
    Itself (pretty and damn good)
    Ravello (brilliant)
    The Amalfitana road – best in an old Alfa
    Positano, fantastic – a couple of tips for here.
    Glynsky and others well known to ER from Berkshire stayed in a Saracen Tower just outside. To find this, go down the hill to the sea. Just as you get to the beach, good restaurant on right overlooking beach. Having eaten lunch, facing sea, furn right and stroll up an inclined path up to top (take it easy, it is quite steep) and you round a bend and there’s my tower hanging off the cliff over the sea. Stunning.
    Stroll back down towards beach and on the jetty book a ‘water taxi’ to take you to dinner at ‘Il Pirata’


    Must mention that the only way you can get there is by sea, and at night what could be better. Geezer that took us also took his ‘fidanzata’, dropped us, disappeared for a couple of hours, came back to collect us with (a now rather dishevelled) fidanzata and a bottle of Prosecco which the 6 of us drank at 3 in the morning in a grotto.
    NYC and Bermuda are but tacky Hollywood film sets by comparison.

  9. Dear Glynsky
    Thanks for the tips. You must have been in a real state at 03.00 hours. I hope that you gave him a good tip.
    I have never been in the Saracens Tower but I have surely been in one of the many Pubs called the Saracens Head in UK.
    Thanks for offer of your Alfa. Ship it over and Mrs Smiles will drive. Actually, she probably could not drive it as it is manual and has no powered steering.
    I will take a Limo with a Chauffeur, as he knows the road.
    I was in the area 15 years ago but that was in another life and with another wife :-)

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