One step closer to Freedom(box)

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator Smiles suggests here, that you wear a condom while browsing. I do not want to even imagine, what he looks like in his full body condom. Feel free to do an image search yourself.

On the other hand, the whole discussion might be pretty much obsolete soon.

The Freedombox reached its next mile stone. As a reminder, diablog supported the Freedombox, when it started. And I explained the concept here. Two days ago progress was announced here.

I have to admit, since the start three years ago, to almost have lost patience. At times I doubted, whether it would happen. Certainly, our Alzheimer’s patient Glynsky has forgotten everything about it. But within a few weeks we should be able to get a first look. And I hope to do a test with a real Freedombox sometime later this year. If so, Glynsky will be the first to get one from me. Even if that means moving diablog again. Wait, what? Did I just say that?

With some luck we will be able to really flip the bird to all censor-happy and spying idiots in the world.

Here is the matching song by Snap, The Power:

Well done Freedombox Foundation. Soon we’ll have the power,

Engine Room

3 thoughts on “One step closer to Freedom(box)

  1. Dear ER.
    You would be amazed if you knew what I wear when writing comments. Let the imagination run riot.
    Happy Easter.
    I am in Vilnius with Mrs Smiles, son and dog.

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