Two great ideas

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In one of his posts, Where there’s smoke, Glynsky introduced diablog to the technique of cooking on a burning log. He was introduced to the idea by Michaela who supposedly learned about it in Finland. From there comes a new ax:

So far I do not see myself buying that ax. But while watching the video my first thought was:

The tire, what a brilliant idea!

I do a fair amount of wood chopping every year, because I love an open fire place and the exercise with immediate reward. What I don’t like, is bending down  to pick up the pieces. And the tire seems to be a good solution. I can see Glynsky, who has an ax to grind constantly, I mean, a lot of wood to chop, adopting that idea. The racing enthusiast must have plenty of tires around.

What if you don’t? Or don’t like the idea of having a tire lying around?

Here is the second idea:

A chain with a bit of rubber, how great is that?

This is a nice idea for a present for any one, who has everything.

Off to the DIY shop later,

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  1. The flag of St George is flying proudly over my desk, much to the annoyance of my Scottish colleagues.

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