96 club april, part 3…

Dear diablog,

I really have to take steps to stop this becoming a car blog – but then when there are so many good things to see it becomes difficult, and believe me, there is still lots in stock!!

Returning to the April 96 meet and the grace and luxury demanded by Engine Room and Smiles, an alternative to the Roller could be a 1936 Bentley


though I am again not too sure of the colour


but all that is needed is nicely finished,


It may be, though, that more speed and line is the answer to their requirement which was more than amply to be found in this genuine…



…Jaguar XKSS


but then, for those of ample proportions (if the cap fits!!) the cabin room is ever so slightly restricted


and that is assuming you can get in in the first place! On top of that, passenger leg room is a little impeded by various switchgear


so maybe we should return to the original brief of speed and comfort with the original factory UK demonstrator of some Merc or other (I get totally confused by all their numbers and stuff) which has just had a complete makeover by some crowd in Germany


with a lump that looks for all the world like an operating theatre.



As I had said at the beginning of this series there were numerous (I think 8 in total) Jaguar 120, 150 and E types – plus some other interesting stuff in the Porsche line. Maybe I’ll save them for another day.

Yours, diablog, hoping that Smiles is still awake


6 thoughts on “96 club april, part 3…

  1. The Druid is certainly awake, though it was difficult after that exercise in the English Language.

  2. Er, sorry Druid – was it a bit laboured? The after effects of Prosecco!
    I assume Smiles was so comfortable he dozed off again.

  3. Dear Glynsky,
    Your constant drooling over prosecco and “the pink” could disqualify you to write about drinks. You should always mention, that to you those are substitutes for water, which you stay away from.

  4. Always find these stimulating Glynsky. Do keep them coming. I’ve also sent you something special today!

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