Companies to avoid

Dear Reader,

When Philippa complained about Microsoft here, I recommended she should drop the shitty company and switch to a proper operating system for her PC. On second thought, I am now adding a few more companies, you should avoid. Why? because according to this slide from an internal NSA presentation, those have”NSA Strategic Partnerships”:

For your and our sake, please avoid Hewlett Packard, IBM, Motorola, AT&T, Qwest, EDS, Cisco, Qualcomm, Oracle, Intel, Verizon and Microsoft.

Why for our sake? Because if they can spy on you, obviously they are also getting everything we send you and you are sending us.

Freedom from surveillance works only, if all of us have it. Not just a few.

Stay free,

Engine Room

One thought on “Companies to avoid

  1. ER.
    I attempted to download linuxmint only to get Optimizer Pro & Wiseconvert. So I assume I have done something wrong here and don’t want these?
    I went straight to save on file as the DVD didn’t want to copy either!
    I’m obviously wholey inadequate at this lark, makes my head numb and could do with some direct contact. You have my e-mail presumably from the log in, o could you send me yours? Or do I have to go via Glynsky?

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