The coolest song ever?

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Glynsky uses the word cool a lot. He even created a category for it, I don’t really know why. In the early days of diablog, Glynsky first mis-attributed the title “King of Cool” to Tony Curtis. Only after a while he admitted that my correction – Steve McQueen, obviously – was correct.

Anyway, there is one song, that could very well be called the coolest song ever. It is minimalistic, yet makes you move your feet. It is extremely memorable, you are not likely to forget it, after hearing it once. And it just oozes cool.

Here is:

Green Onions by Booker T and the M.G.s., added bonus: the vinyl scratching.

It is among the Top 500 of all time, part of numerous movie soundtracks like Quadrophenia and Get Shorty, and is one of my all time favorites.

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Engine Room

2 thoughts on “The coolest song ever?

  1. Now that, my dear ER, is a great of music. Many thanks.
    In UK visiting my parents. Will not meet Glynsky nor Pete :-(

  2. With respect, ol’ bean, this is not a song – there’s no words!
    A tune, a number, an instrumental, a track ok, but not a song, oh foreign person.
    Mind you, it is cool – as were Curtis in The Great Race, McQueen (Newman, Mattheau, Lemmon, Bronson, Coburn, Johnny Depp et al) in everything.
    Your problem is that you can only aspire – I got there years ago.

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