dirndle if i understand it, part 1…

Dear diablog,

May, June and July are the months of Glynsky family travels so posts may be somewhat erratic. Tomorrow we are off to Sicily for a week and I can’t wait.

Two weeks ago we went on the annual trip to Vienna (luckily without interruption from Smiles) where Mr. and Mrs. Wuss looked after us royally as usual but threw in 2 outings which were absolutely outstanding. Why Smiles does not extoll the beauties of Austria (his secretary for instance) I shall never know.

The first visit was two days at Schloss Gamlitz which is stunning by itself – even with out the wine!



which like many Austrian buildings is beautifully maintained and brightly painted


and found in the middle of the…


…Styria area – midst acres of wineries. It has its own wine,of course, but along with the local chamber of commerce has arranged the best visiting method – ever.

Decide which you want to go to, phone for a taxi and it takes you there. Had enough? Time to move on? Phone for a taxi and 10 minutes later it is there to transport you to wherever. And you can do this as often as you wish – and it is included in the price of your room! What could be better or more civilised.

One can eat at the Schloss



or partake in each vineyard of the fabulous ‘snacks’ (!!!) provided


looking at the most beautiful countryside in amazement


as your taxi meanders its way along the Hungarian border


(there was a time that there would have been a gun turret or three) to yet another superb location



with more wine and snacks. Oooooer – I feel a little giddy!

Truly wonderful – we were blessed with fantastic weather, went in May with few others around (avoid September/October like the plague, we are told it is rammed) and bowled over by the kindness of local people. Highly recommended, and a lot better than New York.

Yours, diablog, ready for the sun


6 thoughts on “dirndle if i understand it, part 1…

  1. Dear Glynsky. Are you still Brahms? It is surely the Slovenian Border, which borders Styria. The Hungarian border borders Burgenland ie East of Vienna.
    As for my secretary, the less said the better.
    Enjoy Sicily. Going to Sainsburys with Mum and Dad.

  2. Plonker is confirmed,
    What are we going to get in Part 2 as Glynsky tries to start the next war by moving borders.
    ER, stop him !!!!!!!!

  3. Where in Sicily?
    Stayed in Tiaormina once for a week and travelled around from here. This town is lovely and the amphitheatre a treat.
    For Italy, the land of fantastic history and architecture, they seem to have pinched it all from this island. Plenty of foundations where relics once were!
    Got food poisoning, which hit me half way up Etna so left deposits at the side of the road all the way back to the hotel and bed ridden for 2 days.
    Hotel staff were quite miserable the whole time.
    Had to ram a motor bike with a couple of kids on, who were chasing and harrassing us until they found themselves lying on the road.
    Not a great experience.
    Must say it didn’t leave us with the greatest of impressions of Sicily. Perhaps we picked a bad time, who knows?
    Anyway hope it’s better for you – have a good one.

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