witness to glynsky…

Dear diablog,

You seem to enjoy delves into music in the Glynsky past so to continue with the outrageous idea of posting more than one version of the same song here goes for another of my favourites.

The definitive version, of course, comes from the original

though my favourite version is from an album I bought in New York a million years ago


when they were still fresh (??!) and new

This number has been in my top 10 ever since, reinforced by the Jules Holland early years when he featured…


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pete is like a fish out of water…

Dear diablog,

Engine Room, earlier this week, submitted us to his continuing (continuous?) – and inaccurate –  ravings on ‘delicious’ apparently American based food. Much he knows.

The real deal is never far from where you live, and how much fresher could a 15″ (oh Ok Smiles, 375mm) trout be than this


when caught right outside Pete’s back door – by two young boys with £11.99 rods no less!

Surveying the view of the first catch whilst it was on its way to being landed


amazingly lead, in the blink of an eye, to….


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Livin la vida loca

Dear Reader,

Yesterday I was enjoying a true American dish, surf ‘n’ turf. Made of beef, as you can get only in America, and the most delicious lobster, guess where that comes from. I’ll drop any fancy-shmancy French nouvelle cuisine dish for this honest, simple, yet delicious treat.

And since I am needling our France-loving Glynsky let’s continue that with music. Being down south, what better way then playing

Livin la vida loca by Ricky Martin, the summer hit from fifteen years ago. For our mathematically challenged Glynsky: that’s 1999.

The song paved the way for many Latin American artists like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in the USA and all over the world. Some consider it the beginning of Latin Pop. I am certain, Glynsky thinks otherwise.

The acclaimed video has some eye-candy for our male readers, while quite a few women fell for Ricky Martin at the time.

Tough luck, Ladies, Ricky Martin later came out and is somewhat out of reach for women.

Off to the beaches,

Engine Room

96 club, april part 2…

Dear diablog,

As I said in a previous post on this subject the turn out for April was exceptional. Sadly I missed the May event (as I will also have to do in July tant pis) but there are still a lot of things to display – enough for 3 posts to Smiles’ chagrin!

For the particular benefit of Engine Room, one of his favourites, an AC Cobra


with a very attractive and well finished ‘lump’


and equally well executed interior


which found itself along side two ‘nodding dogs’…


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the undead at 70…

Dear diablog,

The writers (including our ‘resting’ Pete) on diablog are all capable of being serious night owls. Often, in the early hours, I will turn to Radio 2 on the BBC which has really interesting playlists and, from 02.00 to 05.00, one of the best DJ’s on radio.

I am a member of his 0346 club – though at that time mostly populated by long distance truck drivers – and his name is Alex Lester. He is bonkers and can be very funny, despite his ramblings, and from whom I hear many of my all time favourites.

Recently he has been blown away by tracks from a couple of OAP’s who have got together and did a one off show in Shepherds Bush to a sell out audience – Roger Daltry (70!!) of The Who and Wilko Johnson (who should be dead!) of Dr. Feelgood.

I can but agree, and Philippa has probably already downloaded these anyway – but treat yourself to some serious modern but real R+B.

I will let the music speak for itself though of these two…

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Going south

Dear Reader,

As you know from here, Glynsky traveled again, for pleasure again, to Vienna again. Did he invite his slave? Of course not.

As Pete Townshend sings: “Give blood,

and there are some who’ll say it’s not enough.”

Luckily, there are people who appreciate my work, and – strange enough – seem to enjoy my company. Hard to believe, I know.

One of them invited me to a trip. After the miserable and long winter down in the engine room I could not say no to a few days in warmer and sunnier climate. Little did I know, that I would be treated like royalty.

Where did we go? Hopefully the owners will allow me to write a bit more in the near future. Already I can say, it is pure luxury.

A big suite, marble floors, antique and bespoken furniture, a brilliant view, balconies, friendly and attentive staff, delicious food, great wine, a very nice bar, a pool with jacuzzi, and a Turkish bath. Did I mention the espresso? Enjoying those with a cigarette on the terrace, in peaceful silence, feeling very close to heaven.

To the good things in life,

Engine Room