An English misconception

Dear Reader,

It always amuses me, when the English are caught up in their island mentality even more, then we are. Perfect example, Phillipa’s last comment here. Phillipa writes:

The EU never did illiminate passports and since 9/11 we all have to suffer indignation and frustration due to a few crazy people.

Let me answer this quickly.

Since the Lisbon treaty, traveling freely within the EU is a human as well as constitutional right. I know, you Brits never managed to give yourself a constitution. Thus, the concept might be somewhat of an intellectual challenge for some.

So, what has the EU accomplished? Within the Schengen area

you travel without any border controls. Do you see the two countries not getting it? They’re somewhat on the left. Otherwise, you can travel from the most Northern city, Hammerfest in Norway, all the way to Sicily, Glyn’s favorite, without showing a passport. Actually, you will have a hard time even noticing, when going from one country into another. And the same is true, when traveling from Portugal in the West all the way to the Baltic states in the East. You can travel thousands of miles without being bothered.

And Philippa goes on:

Still there is a lot more to do in keeping out those we don’t want here and needs to start now.

Like to all nutters in the US complaining about immigration I say: Make up your friggin’ mind.

You want to take advantage of people, who were raised and educated elsewhere. You want to take advantage of their knowledge, ambition and work. Like the UK at the moment, advertising that you need (!) to hire 40,000 to 60,000 nurses. And at the same time you want to tell foreigners to get out of your not-so-beautiful country?

One has to be a first class moron, to not suffer from the cognitive dissonance.

Stay sane,

Engine Room

12 thoughts on “An English misconception

  1. For once, I must agree with ER on his excellent post.
    I am proudly British and despite living in Austria for nearly 30 years, I will always keep my British nationality and passport.
    I work in Austria for an Italian company, with an appartment in Vienna and home is now Vilnius Lithuania.
    I love the EURO and the ease of travel. I just wish that the British would issue credit card size ID cards, so that I do not have to take my passport with me everywhere.

  2. I beg to differ – quite a lot.
    a) next time you fly in the EU ER from somewhere else in the EU, try doing without your passport. I shall not come to help.
    b) good place to be with a euro if you are young and in France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece et al. An utter sham to satisfy French self import and German hegemony. Remember the basis of the deal in 19woteva: ‘we’ll support you to annexe Eastern Germany if you agree to the Euro’. Mmm, that’s based on reality then.
    c) who has the fastest growing European economy?
    d) why do they want to come here?
    Europe a trading partnership – hoorah. Europe a political entity – really?
    And what’s wrong with not wanting everyone/anyone?
    Ahem, its called free choice.

    1. Dear Glynsky,
      Obviously, air travel is a different issue.
      Check your supposedly “fastest growing economy” without the EU.
      Most people come to the UK, because you invited them there. Either after robbing them blind during colonial times, or because your government is too stupid to get enough doctors, nurses, caretakers, etc. from its own people. And then you complain, because they bring their families.

      You argue like “wash me, but don’t get me wet”.

      Similar idiots in Texas: We don’t want Mexicans! Fuck, who will pick our fruit? Who will do the garden? Who will clean the house? Who will take care of Grandpa?
      OK, we will take the ones we want only! What do you mean, those people come with wifes/husbands, children, relatives? No, they are slaves. They are not allowed to have that here.



  3. PS. Magna Carta is quite good enough thanks – together with the Mother of all Parliaments.

    1. Just that magna carta isn’t valid anymore, is it? You dropped habeas corpus and many other human rights, as I experienced myself.
      And your “mother of all parliaments” isn’t worth much anymore. Just recently they wanted to introduce secret courts. Again, following the fascist path of the US with its FISA courts.


  4. Thanks Glynsky!

    ER you miss the point. It’s all the bum scroungers we don’t want and those determined to change our culture. Too late for too many cities now and who’s fault is that, not the general population, thank our first class moronic cognitive dissonance politicians for that, ever since they got the idea that immigration would keep the masses in check and their wages down! We welcome educated contributing EU / non EU personage. We don’t want nutters demanding sharia law etc., or those looking to manipulate the system / our all too liberal welcome sign for a free house and health care. All our emigration is retirement / work related, so no scrounging then, just spending our hard earned cash.

    As the son of immigrants, have I held out that being English is beyond my endeavours? No way – immigration, integration, emulgumation. I’m English first and my parents worked extremely hard to make good and contribute to the general good, neither taking a pension back either.

    Not hard to make up one’s mind about where to stand when you have been watching it happen over the last 30 years or so.

    1. Dear Philippa,

      See my comment to Glynsky. Cherry picking in immigration does not work. And immigrants change a country, whether you want it or not.

      By the way, in the US and many other countries, it is the 1st generation citizens (children of immigrants), who drive the country and economy. Not the “old families”. So, who is running your delis? Who starts new small businesses in the UK? And how many jobs do those create? And how do those compare in numbers with the ones, you don’t want? Funny thing about numbers/facts, nobody ever supplies numbers of the “bad” immigrants. But the stories make for good headlines and propaganda. And that is all this is. Nasty propaganda.


  5. OK – we’ll leave it there, but it’s not nasty propaganda when you live amongst the mass change and have to move out, to again see any anyone of a similar cultural persuasion. Where’s the integration in that? My lot were different, but did integrate. Mind you at that time they were already Westerners. They did however run their own delli’s. I realise that the 2nd generation is more likely to take in Western ideals and many do, but unfortunately many don’t. It’s not the who that is the principle issue, but the numbers over such a short period of time that causes the grief to the average guy in the street. The politicians don’t experience it, neither do most of the affluent middle classes. I’m neither, but fortunately I’m still not in the midst of it!

  6. Dear ER,

    Please don’t explode.

    Glynnie, it is summer. I am curious to what colours you are stylin’

    Much Love



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