Going somewhere vs Getting somewhere

Dear Reader,

Sorry for my silence over the last days, I had to go somewhere and had no internet.

OK, let me correct that, I had slow internet. How slow? 500 kilobytes download. That is 1% of the download speed our Saint Glynsky has, 50 megabytes, and what I am accustomed to by now as well. The last time I was with a 500 KB connection must have been 15 years ago.

But back to the issue at hand. We all at diablog travel quite a lot and frequently. Rich Glynsky goes places for pleasure, poor Smiles and I for business mostly. Believe me, I would not voluntarily be at a place without or with slow internet as mentioned above.

What inspired this post though, was Glynsky’s comment on my post about free travel in the Schengen area of Europe and how the Brits aren’t getting it.

For me, traveling includes the part of going there. Thus, I love traveling by car. And that was what I was referring to in my post. Road trips are just brilliant as you know from those posts. You get to see places, even more so when avoiding highways. You stumble upon nice places. You meet new people. Road trips are all about serendipity. Like aimlessly browsing the internets.

And in the whole of the USA, of course, you travel freely by car. The security theater happens at airports, for the idiotic, unjust reasons.

Glynskys comment shows, for him traveling seems to mean getting somewhere by plane. There is nothing wrong with flying. But that is only half of traveling, in my humble opinion. You get to a place quickly and conveniently and safely. But you miss everything that lies between your starting point and your destination. I would not want to miss all of that. At least I want to get a glimpse.

Traveling done right takes time. Yet it broadens one’s horizon and often enough includes great experiences. Getting somewhere by plane – as Smiles will confirm – is great for business. But it teaches you only half of it.

Keep traveling and avoid just getting there.

Engine Room


11 thoughts on “Going somewhere vs Getting somewhere

  1. What a lovely post xXx so so skilled in writing.



    I only hold a yak license does this still apply?

  2. I nearly died with this comment Smiles, I meant the animal. I don’t even know if you got that and are joking back or you actually think that I could handle a plane. I am just starting out in life Smiles, you will be disappointed for a few more years. Ill give a shout out when it’s time to be impressed.

    I do love aviation though, as a subject X

    Much Hugs



    P.s made my eve…

  3. Good Morning Casper
    06.30 in Vilnius and only me and my dog (Amicus) are up.
    Drinking tea at the computer. Then breakfast, training, shower, packing and flight to Vienna.
    Next week will be quiet, just Milan and Bologna, then holiday !!!!!!!!
    I have flown on YAK 40 and YAK 42 in the past, when East European Airlines used them
    Don’t wait too long too impress us as the Druid advised that we are all old.
    Just do your best. School holidays everywhere in Europe but not in UK, where 6 weeks is the norm. It must be the reason why we are so intelligent.
    Enjoy your Sunday. Going to make scrambled eggs.

  4. What a lovely comment Smiles.
    I had a look at YAK 40-42 and they look a lot more stable than YAK 50 which is the model that I knew of. Are you able to fly or do you just fly?
    I will try and impress soon, but I heard to be proficient at a skill you need to mask up to 10,000 hours of practise. In a year we have 8765+ hours including sleep,taking to account other subjects will be being learned too, I have about 1500 hours a year of my time to the skill I wish to perfect for the next two years making it 3000 hours in two years, the 2 years after I will be able to spend about 3000+ hours on that one subject, so I am guessing about 4 years- if all goes to plan I will impress in something LOL…. I hope you will stick around for that xXx

    I am exited for the holiday for you, is this the trip to America you were discussing before.
    Thanks, have a beaut Sunday too Mr X



  5. Dear Casper
    A YAK 50 is great for aerobatics but not much good at getting me and my suitcase from A to B. Furthermore I would be likely to spill my Gin and Tonic upside down or looping the loop.
    The YAK 40 had very simple seats and when you landed, the backs of all empty seats went forwards like dominioes. It always used to make me laugh.
    No, I cannot fly and I am sure that I would not be good at it. I do not even like driving and have not done so for over 25 years. I am useless at all things technical, which the Druid will surely confirm.
    The holiday is to Italy as Mrs Smiles does not enjoy flying and travelling so much. As we were in Sri Lanka in March, that is enough long trips for her. Me, I love travelling and average 5-6 flights per week. In the first 6 months of this year, I have been in Asia 7 times.
    I am sure that you will succeed in whatever you wish to do. Take care. Enjoy life to the full. I do !!!!

  6. You guys having a conversation without us makes me very very happy.
    This is what the internets are supposed to be: people having conversations across continents, age, class, race, gender, and everything else, that might hinder them from having that conversation offline.
    And conversation means exchange of information, knowledge, fun, jokes, ideas, …

    Thank you very very much!


  7. We are pleased to make you happy and no thanks required.
    Now, butt out, as I am trying to have a conversation with a charming, intelligent young lady.
    Have a good week.

  8. You are most welcome, dear Casper.
    Now preparing for 3 days in Milan and Bologna.
    A beautiful sunny morning in Vienna. I wish you the same in UK.

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