Happy Birthday – you’re unbelievable

Dear Reader,

Someone  is celebrating his birthday today. I know he is, but Рof course РI am not invited. Following the old English tradition, peasants should know their place.

I am not sure, whether he will appreciate the following birthday song, hand picked for his highness. Although, it is a classic, English by EMF, got to #1 in the USA, and is almost 25 years old.

In addition the title “You’re unbelievable” suits our birthday boy pretty well, so do some of the lyrics. Here it is:

And the constant background chorus: “What the fuck was that?” is a thought, crossing my mind every time I hear or read from Monsieur.

Many returns!

Engine Room

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – you’re unbelievable

  1. If this means it’s YOUR birthday, then have a good one and many more of them. Bit odd not to be invited to it though! Perhaps Smiles knows that much more than me.

    Not that your choice of music is anything I lean towards and I would use the same phrasing as their background chorus, when I hear this sort of stuff.

    Did you know that the song “Happy Birthday” out sold all other songs ever writen world wide, earning it’s writer in excess of ¬£36m in royalties. Whoever that might be! Check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Birthday_to_You
    for the history and facts as known. It is reputed to have started life by two teachers in the US who sang “Good morning to you” to their classes using the tune same they invented.

  2. Happy birthday to our mystery man, have a great day.
    I agree with Philippa, about the music.
    What happened to Glynsky’s summer song, has he retired with Pete ?? or is he too busy tinkering with his classic Alfa’s.

  3. My guess, the sexy hippo (not my words) isn’t busy with Alfa’s, he is recovering from the parties, yes, that is plural.


  4. Dear Philippa
    Yes, it was Glynsky’s birthday yesterday and a round one. I also was not invited to the birthday party, which was celebrated for one month, but the main celebration was a few weeks ago in Italy. Mr and Mrs Wuss (who I introduced to Glynsky) were present but sadly my invitation obviously got lost in the post.
    Next year I celebrate my 60th and I have just posted invitation to Glynsky and without address and stamp on envelope. I hope that he gets it.

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