on yer bike…

Dear diablog,

In the recent Salon Prive post (and there are several to come, I promise) Engine Room referred to not being interested in the bikes – of which there were many classics including the extraordinarily rare


Maserati 160 cc racer.


However lurking nearby was an amazing animal worthy of mention which had been hand built, in a shed, by the designer (a shy retiring geezer) called the …

…Milyard Viper 8000cc V10!!!


With an engine from a Dodge Viper this is incredible – in all senses. The finish was better than a factory made product and the noise defied description.

And what about this!


What? Are you sure?? Jeeeeeeeez!

Yours, diablog, on a banger


2 thoughts on “on yer bike…

  1. Not something I could / would even try! 200 in a car would un-nerve me, let alone on two wheels. Mad, but all credit to them. Just because they can.

    Interesting blog Glynski. Didn’t know you had so much interest in bikes too. Where’s the next Spider?

  2. That’s a rocket on two wheels. One wrong move – even with just your head – and you’re done.

    I rode bikes for a few years, until two crashes happened: a friend got almost killed by a stupid car driver, and I got pushed off the road by an idiot. One is defenseless on a bike.

    Kudos to the engineering.


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