Glynsky’s next Convertible?

Dear Reader,

After a post for Smiles here, the following might be something for The Druid. And who knows, I might have found the answer to Smiles’ question, what Glynsky has been up to. Not that I know, but this could be something for him.

On October 29 this “convertible” had its world premier:

Caught in a traffic jam? Take the exit, find the nearest airport, and take off. No more taxis from the airport to the city, you have your car right with you.

As the specs here show, neither will you be crossing the Atlantic with this one, nor are you flying or driving very fast. But for business travel, getting service engineers around, or for weekend trips – no trunk as far as I can tell – this would be great.

Expecting Glynsky to pick me up in one of these, when I’ll visit next time,

Engine Room

Wind him up

Dear Reader,

The Drupal post, not intended for our beloved commentators Smiles and The Druid, is meant to help fellow bloggers and publishers online.

Predictably, Smiles complained immediately. Well, he had challenged me to bore him to death. Nothing is easier than that.

My apologies go to the Druid. His thought I might be smoking suspicious stuff, is completely off the board.

Dear Druid, smoking is so 60s. My generation was told not to smoke. Thus, we sniffed a line, shot up, and/or swallowed all kinds of pills. Not that that was any healthier or less risky.

Anyway, the song going through my head, when writing the post, “Wind him up” by Saga might work as an apology:


It could be right up Druid’s alley.

Stay with us,

Engine Room

Living on top of the World

Dear Reader,

Earlier this month 432 Park Avenue became the tallest residential building in the city. Here is a picture:

The architecture is as boring as it could get. A large box. Quite obviously this was designed for the people living inside, not the people of NY.

The views from the inside out are stunning:

For more click here:

Stay tuned

Engine Room

Drupal 7 compromised

Dear Reader,

In case you are using Drupal 7 (!) please read this:

And for our beloved commentator, Smiles, this is an attempt to bore you to death, as promised here.

Drupal is a content management system, software that helps one publishing online. Drupal is free and open source software and very popular, according to Wikipedia at least 2.1% of all websites worldwide use it including and

At one point I had considered using it too. But for Diablog, Drupal is too bloated with features and more difficult than for example WordPress.

Now I am happy we did not use it. Because according to the Drupal team, every Drupal 7 installation, that was not updated prior to October 15, is almost certainly compromised. And compromised means, someone has taken over the server and copied all data. Within less than 24 hours after a security hole and the fix were published, servers running Drupal 7 were hacked automatically.

Drupal 7 users now have to find a two week old backup, erase all data and programs on the server, re-install all software, upload the backup, and – the most tiresome – re-write everything from October 15. The poor people lost two weeks of work, what a nightmare.

Stay sane and safe,

Engine Room

so wtf do i know…

Dear diablog,

As the question implies, not a lot! Two years ago (extraordinarily almost exactly) I felt moved to write about Northern Soul and particularly Big Maybelle. In passing I have had great amusement rereading ER’s comments – wtf were you smokin’? B boying – is all we suspected of you true? Access to a Vespa, where? – means wasp in Italian, swat it.

Anyway, that Big Maybelle is not to his taste is his prerogative – as is travelling around London in strange garb!


Why he should choose this form of dress and for which occasion I shall not reveal – but whatever, you must agree that it is odd.

Back to the point of this post. The two year ago post featured Big May singingĀ  ’96 Tears’ (an absolute Glynsky all time fave) which I had always thought of as hers and hers alone. The redoubtable Brian Mathews (an elderly Radio 2 DJ) in this week’s ‘Sound of the ’60’s’ (which I never knowingly miss) blew my world apart talking of ? and the Mysterians. Who? What? – how did that one pass me by?

The beauty of going on line (much to ER’s amazement I don’t have the laptop on all day) is that ‘stuff’ is everywhere including some amazing versions of 96 (same as the motor club!!) including the brilliant…


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