Argentina + Chile = Heaven

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According to our beloved commentator Smiles here neither am I funny, nor are you interested in wordplay and maps. As Smiles put it oh so nicely:

Stick to music, food and drink,

So, let’s talk food and drink.

During August I posted some stuff about Summer food here and here. Summer is over, certainly in rainy Britain, and it is time for rich food. Our underweight protagonists at diablog need a few extra kilos for the upcoming winter. Or maybe not.

Some of the cuisines from warm climate zones are surprisingly rich. Or, to be honest, just plain fat. I can understand that people from the cold North favored fat food. They needed the calories. But in the South? The worst cuisine I experienced in this regard is Spanish, or to be more precise Andalusian. After two days of Andalusian food I am ready to burst. But the Spanish went all over the world and brought their ideas to other continents. The best variant of Spanish cuisine – at least in my book – is from Argentina.

Reason number one: Argentinian steaks. These are of the very best in the world. Or as an Argentinian friend puts it:

What you eat as steak, we feed the dogs with.

Reason number two: Argentinian empanadas, especially the baked ones, not deep fried. And I prefer the ones with beef, onions, olives, and raisins. Or beef, tomatoes, onion, and lemon juice. Eat the chicken variants, if you must.



Add to that a great Los Vascos Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – mentioned earlier here – and I am close to heaven.

The Los Vascos actually is a Ch√Ęteau Lafite Rothschild, for a fraction of the price. The Rothschilds exported their grapes to Chile in the 70s, to start a joint venture with Los Vascos. The results are brilliant.

And where do you get all this, without going to Argentina? In the city of course. My favorite Argentinian place is on the upper westside, called Cafe Ronda.

See you there,

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5 thoughts on “Argentina + Chile = Heaven

  1. A very good and interesting post, and so soon a comment.
    I do enjoy a good steak, preferably rib eye, with English mustard.

  2. You have moved into one of my favourite areas of wine. On your recommendation I shall look out for a bottle.
    I agree with the steak statement, the average supermarket steak is crap, but there again so is the average British diet.
    Travel broadens the mind in food & drink, unless you go to Spain every year and have fish & chips &’ tea like mother makes’. Why do people want to travel and have the same food they have at home ?
    I haven’t been to Chile yet, but want to visit to experience the wine culture.
    Argentina & Brazil for food, excellent. I recommend Feijoada, a hearty meat & bean dish, washed down with a local beer.

  3. I do not recommend being downwind of you after eating Feijoada. I am glad that I did not go on that holiday with you !

  4. These Argentinian empanadas do rather look like Cornish pasties and the filling sounds very similar. I can’t remember the Argies invading here successfully!

    Love the Chilian wine, The Italians did the same with a woman (name escapes me) who set up there to produce some good stuff. Wine is increasing becoming better and better value for money these days. I remember when we couldn’t get anything decent here except in central London. We have fond recollections of out first taste of Ausi Chardoney in Queensland in ’87 on a balmy evening overlooking the sea.

    Looking forward to trying to put on some winter weight. Eating is a passion where I come from!

  5. They are also very similar to Somsa from Uzbekistan, although they are triangular in shape and filled with delicious lamb.
    That reminds me, I have not been in Tashkent for a few months.

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