so wtf do i know…

Dear diablog,

As the question implies, not a lot! Two years ago (extraordinarily almost exactly) I felt moved to write about Northern Soul and particularly Big Maybelle. In passing I have had great amusement rereading ER’s comments – wtf were you smokin’? B boying – is all we suspected of you true? Access to a Vespa, where? – means wasp in Italian, swat it.

Anyway, that Big Maybelle is not to his taste is his prerogative – as is travelling around London in strange garb!


Why he should choose this form of dress and for which occasion I shall not reveal – but whatever, you must agree that it is odd.

Back to the point of this post. The two year ago post featured Big May singing  ’96 Tears’ (an absolute Glynsky all time fave) which I had always thought of as hers and hers alone. The redoubtable Brian Mathews (an elderly Radio 2 DJ) in this week’s ‘Sound of the ’60’s’ (which I never knowingly miss) blew my world apart talking of ? and the Mysterians. Who? What? – how did that one pass me by?

The beauty of going on line (much to ER’s amazement I don’t have the laptop on all day) is that ‘stuff’ is everywhere including some amazing versions of 96 (same as the motor club!!) including the brilliant…





and the even better


Stranglers –  which then got me into Wikiwotsits to look at who was  ? and more about  96 tears which lists, to my amazement, the zillion people to have covered it!

So, here is the original


by ?.

So why have I subjected you to and posted 3 versions?

Because, dear reader, other than confirming my brilliant taste in selecting great tunes for Glynsky Fave’s it is fascinating how alike all the versions are. The obvious mark of a genius writer. Luvit, Luvit – hope you do too.

Yours, diablog, caught with my hand in the tissues



8 thoughts on “so wtf do i know…

  1. Three good versions, but like you I prefer the original.
    I’m not sure about you in that dodgy batman outfit

  2. All Arse supporters are dodgy.
    Better to go and watch the Arse for the last 5-10 minutes, as that is when they score !

  3. I know the feeling, just like reading somebody’s posts about the internet.
    Greetings from Prague. Pass the Pilsener Urquell !!!!

  4. I hope that you achieve your goal.
    The simple and polite answer to the question is that you were not invited.
    Now in Warsaw. Had a great bottle of Uruguayan wine yesterday, also without you.

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