Living on top of the World

Dear Reader,

Earlier this month 432 Park Avenue became the tallest residential building in the city. Here is a picture:

The architecture is as boring as it could get. A large box. Quite obviously this was designed for the people living inside, not the people of NY.

The views from the inside out are stunning:

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5 thoughts on “Living on top of the World

  1. Now that was an interesting post as I love cities.
    Off to Chongqing on Sunday. A small city of around 30 million inhabitants.

  2. Now that is a view ER.
    I agree about the box. Couldn’t the architect think of anything original? Still NY is full of long square buildings, another won’t hurt.
    Smiles – couldn’t you find somewhere with more inhabitants?

  3. Great view ER, but uninteresting building. No doubt you would live permanently in air conditioning which is not healthy.
    Not for me I’m afraid.

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