Wind him up

Dear Reader,

The Drupal post, not intended for our beloved commentators Smiles and The Druid, is meant to help fellow bloggers and publishers online.

Predictably, Smiles complained immediately. Well, he had challenged me to bore him to death. Nothing is easier than that.

My apologies go to the Druid. His thought I might be smoking suspicious stuff, is completely off the board.

Dear Druid, smoking is so 60s. My generation was told not to smoke. Thus, we sniffed a line, shot up, and/or swallowed all kinds of pills. Not that that was any healthier or less risky.

Anyway, the song going through my head, when writing the post, “Wind him up” by Saga might work as an apology:


It could be right up Druid’s alley.

Stay with us,

Engine Room

4 thoughts on “Wind him up

  1. I suppose the side entrance between our houses could be classed as an alley.
    Oh no Saga, reminds me of that company for people over 60 who insist on sending you everything from insurance to cruises for old folk. I know I am old folk, but I don’t want to mix with other old folk.
    Our only saving grace is that Smiles will be joining ‘old folk’ next year.

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