Glynsky’s next Convertible?

Dear Reader,

After a post for Smiles here, the following might be something for The Druid. And who knows, I might have found the answer to Smiles’ question, what Glynsky has been up to. Not that I know, but this could be something for him.

On October 29 this “convertible” had its world premier:

Caught in a traffic jam? Take the exit, find the nearest airport, and take off. No more taxis from the airport to the city, you have your car right with you.

As the specs here show, neither will you be crossing the Atlantic with this one, nor are you flying or driving very fast. But for business travel, getting service engineers around, or for weekend trips – no trunk as far as I can tell – this would be great.

Expecting Glynsky to pick me up in one of these, when I’ll visit next time,

Engine Room

6 thoughts on “Glynsky’s next Convertible?

  1. The Druid is busy at the moment with our parents but I am sure that he will react favourably on Monday, as he only reads the diablog at work.
    I think that the Aeromobil would have been perfect for him today and again tomorrow.
    For me, it is too small as not much room for a suitcase. Also I do not drive for years and I cannot fly.

  2. Fantastic, what a great concept.
    We have seen many car/planes over the years, but this one looks like it would really work.
    Keep up the good work ER.

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