Video File Formats and Standards

Dear Reader,

As mentioned here, until a few weeks ago we used a plugin, called PowerPress, to post videos. It worked fine, at least there were no complaints. Then our content management system got an update, which included a video player itself. That made things a bit easier for us, and PowerPress obsolete.

Except that with PowerPress we had to use special code to embed the files. Thus, I did not dare uninstalling the plugin. Now over the holidays I deleted the special code in ~200 older posts, the vids in those posts are now played without the plugin. Unless anyone mentions problems with videos in older posts, I will ‘unplug’ PowerPress.

In the future, we – and many others – will use a different video file format, called webm. You can read about it here. It is free, open source, and royalty free. Yes, for sound in mp3 and videos in mp4 someone is paying royalties.

Besides being FOSS, webm does not require anything on your side. Modern browsers can play it directly, no plugin required at your side either.

Below is an example of a webm video. Supposedly, it shows a member of the Glynsky family, reacting to his new years resolutions:

Would you let me know, whether or not the video works for you?


Engine Room

9 thoughts on “Video File Formats and Standards

    1. Thank you so much, dear Druid,

      for testing and your feedback. It means a lot to me.

      Which browser do you use?


  1. I’m afraid I’m viewing on my iPad, via Google.
    Not your favourite I know, but it works for me.
    The page was just letters, numbers & hieroglyphics, a bit like our brains after hospitality at Spurs.

    1. Dear Druid,
      Your iPad is from Apple, its operating system is iOS, your browser (the software to browse the internet) is Safari, and you might have the search engine Google as your starting page. Safari does not play WebM. Sowwy.

  2. It worked on my newer Samsung laptop with Bing browser but not on my older HP laptop with Google browser, but it did ask me to download WebM. As I had already seen it on other laptop, I did not bother.

    1. Dear Smiles,
      Thank you so much for testing!

      Your laptops have Microsoft Windows as operating system, one is 7 and one is 8. Your browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11 respectively. One uses the search engine Bing by Microsoft and the other uses the search engine Google by the company with the sames name. This company, Google, also makes and offers a browser, which is called Chrome.

      Again, mille gracie,

  3. Who is Gracie ? Did you mean Grazie ??
    Just had a good workout. ready for everything and everybody now. Well, Glynsky excluded.

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