webm Video – now with sound

Dear Reader,

Thanks for testing yesterdays WebM video, especially to the Druid and Smiles.

Since the Druid could not watch it, here is the Glynsky’s family member reacting to his resolutions as mp4:


WebM is supported in Mozilla Firefox 4 and later


Opera 10.60 and laterĀ Opera browser logo 2013.png,

and – if you really have to use it – Google Chrome 6 Google Chrome icon (2011).svgand later.

I added the logos, so that you know what you click.

In case you are using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 7 Logo.png, you know you should not, right? Microsoft hates free open source software and does not support it. They do not want to lose all their revenues. Yet, for IE users, there is the solution. Download WebM for IE here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/webmmf and install. Now you should have system wide WebM support.

Apple is as bad as Microsoft, when it comes to free open source software. They do not want to lose the revenues from iTunes. How someone can use iTunes is beyond me (Yes, Glynsky, I am looking at you!). Anyway, even for the Apple users with their

SafariĀ Apple Safari 8.0 Iconthere is a solution. It is described in easy steps here: http://www.iskysoft.com/convert-webm/play-webm-mac.html

Now back to vids.

The video does not have any sound.

Following now is a WebM video with sound. And it is quite a famous one, Duran Duran – Girls on film.

Why is this famous?

The video was filmed in 1981, just before the launch of MTV. At the time it was considered raunchy, and it was banned by the BBC. Duran Duran then released a day time version, while the uncensored version was shown at nights. Naturally, we played the uncensored version. Girls on film won the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video in 1984, the first time the Academy gave that award.

And for those without a proper browser – please get Firefox – here it is as mp4:

Stay tuned,

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  1. Thanks, Smiles,

    I do rest and party, when exactly did that become a verb?
    Besides cleaning a few servers from break-ins, I do some early spring cleaning on diablog.

    Have fun,

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