Great history time lines and maps

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Making information available is one of the core benefits of the internet. The following is yet another example, how multimedia and the internet can make learning and teaching a greater experience. Our fans of maps and history buffs will love this.

Remember when you had to learn who was president when? Who ruled what when? What a dire task of memorizing names and dates. And for what exactly? What knowledge did you gain from the facts only, without a proper network of references?

Here comes a much better solution:

Just click on the button “Go to TimeLine” and have a look what happened when and where.

To quote from the website:

(It) allows to represent entities, periods and events through timelines. The system provides the desired historical analysis, simply by incorporating into the timeline those entities that are considered related, for the period under study. All this may be supplemented, if desired, with the corresponding cartographic representations.
Kingdoms, pontificates, political regimes, revolutions, wars, battles, natural disasters: all these concepts can be represented in GeaCron. And others will be added soon, such as cultural, artistic and philosophical trends, religious movements, etc.
With this new functionality, we have achieved one of the most important goals of our website and hope that their use provides significant assistance to those interested in the history of mankind.

I love the internet!

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