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Dear diablog,

Spiritually I find myself still really at the start of the year and what happened. I really had an excellent evening in the company of Engine Room and diablog’s resident psyche, Dr. J. and others.

The said doc has moved to a new abode which was an excellent location for his guests and which, as a clue, gave great pleasure in the


countdown to midnight.

This post carries the tag ‘watches’ which it is not really about but then why coin a fresh one when faced with a clock tower, and what’s more, one that works!!

Glynsky was not thinking straight when these pics were taken and forgot to photo the face which, though impressive, hid some mechanical jems when the loft was accessed


and one was faced by a real pendulum (also forgot to push ER into the pit!) with operating instructions


and was (honestly) working but I had no means with which to take a movie.

Even better, having scaled the narrow ladder to go up further,…



was to be faced with a self winding mechanism and a seemingly insane set of pulleys and wires




connected to a wonderful ‘birdcage’ style approx 1840 works




and which keeps almost perfect time!

Silly me for being too ‘dim’ to photo more, and the chance to revisit will have to wait a bit, but I hope you enjoy it.

Yours, diablog, in the right key


2 thoughts on “just like…

  1. Where was I in 1962, still at school and listening to Radio Luxembourg.
    Friends with older brothers kept us up to date with the latest music.
    As for the clock, a wonderful piece of engineering, clocks with batteries are not real clocks. I remember having to wind the mantel clock once a week, it even chimed, not one of those nasty electronic chimes, it had a proper striker system.

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