Travel music for Smiles

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator Smiles announced his next vacation here. And his destinations here. As it is custom, here now his travel music.

You can tell the man loves to travel. He is

Phil Collins – In the air tonight

in the air not only tonight, but for business constantly.

Going to South Africa is dangerous. No, not because of crime. As far as I know, South Africa – similar to the city – is like a virus. Either you are immune, or you catch it. And then you have it for life. You’ll always want to come back. Everyone I know and who has been there, is longing to go back. A few moved there permanently.

So, what do I play for Africa?

There a song from the 70s:

Oliver Onions – Orzowei

from Italy of all places. It is a soundtrack to the TV series Orzowei, after the book from the 50s.

For a translation of the lyrics, please ask Glynsky.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

4 thoughts on “Travel music for Smiles

  1. Dear ER.
    Greatly appreciated.
    Arrived in Cape Town this morning. Went for a walk and dinner on the Waterfront.
    A good bottle of excellent South African wine in a top restaurant costs EUR 8-10.
    Cheers !
    PS. Love the people here.

  2. Yes Mrs Druid and myself enjoyed Capetown and The Cape.
    It is one of those places that has the wow factor.
    As for music, you could have played one of my favourites, Africa by Toto.

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