Africa for Druids

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator, The Inverness Druid, complained here, that I played the wrong travel music. Never mind that it was played for our equally beloved commentator, Smiles, who appreciated the song greatly. That shows you two things:

1) it is impossible to please every body

2) hardly ever do two people on diablog agree on something

And although this isn’t a call in show, let’s make the druid happy, here is

Toto – Africa

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

11 thoughts on “Africa for Druids

  1. Thanks ER, a classic track.
    Yes we are a diverse group of people with vastly differing views on life, cars & music and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Thank you Glynsky :)
    I am doing great, how about you?
    Doing some last minute shopping and packing, off to Denmark with the Mr and the kids :)

    What did you do to Pete?
    Has he gone missing?

    1. Hi Iren,

      If my memory serves me right, Pete went into hibernation right after you left us for that ‘Mr.’. Coincidence???



  3. Great music and thank to bruv for requesting it and ER for playing it.
    I survived my 60th birthday on the famous Blue Train from Cape Town to Johannesburg
    Imagine being on the Blue Train with Glynsky and ER with unlimited free bar. Now that would be a party !

  4. Hi Iren. Just thought I would put my toe in and introduce myself, as it would appear you left as I came on board! Who the hell we all are beats me, but it’s a laugh sometimes, and painful others.

    Sounds like the blue train was the ideal place to spend your 60’th Smiles. I never went on it, although stayed in cape Town a few days and along the Cape. I’d like to go back and see some more further north, perhaps a ferarri – no I mean safari.

    Hope you’re well ER and enjoying those terrible towers of NY. Perhaps a walk in the one park you have could grab you. Piddling here in good ole Blity(never mind Africa), which is a surprising change, although we might be in for a lot more.

  5. Has he been lost for that long?
    What did you guys do to that poor man?
    You better get him back here :)
    Hope you have all been good since the last time I was here :)

  6. Sorry, Phillipa… I wrote too fast and did not see your comment.
    Thank you for your lines.
    Hope these guys are being nice to you.

  7. Nice, us guys are always nice, in fact we are perfect gentlemen.
    We may be grumpy, but that comes with age as Smiles will now find out.
    Wishing everyone a great weekend, looking forward to some good Italian wine.

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