Please push back

Dear Reader,

Put your coffee aside, you do not want to spill it over your keyboard. Here are the spying news from the last couple of days:

– NSA and GCHQ have cracked the hard drive software of pretty much every manufacturer. Meaning, they can access your hard drive and do whatever they want. Place fake evidence on it, put child pornography on it, record your every key stroke, and that includes your passwords. Do you feel safer now?

– NSA and GCHQ also broke into the servers of SIM card manufacturers and stole the encryption keys. So, you can forget about privacy on your cellphone or smartphone. But you do feel safer now, don’t you?

– And your UK government admitted to illegally spy on lawyers and record privileged conversations. What do they care about the law. Because if the law does not fit their needs, the UK spies just have it changed.

– As in this lovely case: UK-US surveillance regime was unlawful ‘for seven years’.

Luckily, you can do something against this.

Thanks to Privacy International, you can at least find out whether the GCHQ illegally spied on you. Please click on this link:

Yes, you have to give them your data. But they have that already anyway.

And we have start pushing back. NSA and GCHQ have gone berserk. They are out of control. They are worse than organized crime. They have the means to blackmail any and every elected politician.

The USA and the UK can neither be called a lawful state, nor a democracy anymore.

Stay sane,

Engine Room