Travel music for Smiles

Dear Reader,

Our beloved commentator Smiles announced his next vacation here. And his destinations here. As it is custom, here now his travel music.

You can tell the man loves to travel. He is

Phil Collins – In the air tonight

in the air not only tonight, but for business constantly.

Going to South Africa is dangerous. No, not because of crime. As far as I know, South Africa – similar to the city – is like a virus. Either you are immune, or you catch it. And then you have it for life. You’ll always want to come back. Everyone I know and who has been there, is longing to go back. A few moved there permanently.

So, what do I play for Africa?

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shades between black and white…

Dear diablog,

This week appears to have been all about music, heavy metal, flying, history and – somewhat obliquely – military authority.

As usual, Christina


who always sees everything as a shade of grey and gets very excited at the thought of having authority imposed upon her, with a view to making diablog a seamless sequence of events, came up with this:

The video clip¬† is from Steve Slater, co-owner of the ‘Biggles Biplane’¬† BE2C replica that flies with the Great War Display team.
One of the team members is Bruce Dickinson, lead singer with “Iron Maiden”.

He also owns and flies the Fokker Triplane replica with the team. For those that don’t know him, he appears at 0.16, 2.03 and 2.33 in the video (and that’s him singing a song he wrote about Passchendale that accompanies the video). On this occasion, the team took off from White Walden, demonstrated over Knebworth, then landed at Old Warden and Bruce was helicoptered in to headline the gig.

To fly at the gig at which one is later headlining…… rock and roll is that?


Honest answer is, as you struggle off my lap girl, I have no idea!

Yours, diablog, ready to rock


You might be a terrorist …

Dear Reader,

If you use the internet, you might be a terrorist. Really. Seriously.

At least according to the French minister of the interior, Bernard Cazeneuve.

France introduced a new internet censorship law. And how does the recipient of our Idiot of the Day medal justify it:

“Today, 90 percent of those who swing toward terrorist activities within the European Union do so after visiting the internet. We do not combat terrorism if we do not take measures to regulate the internet.”

Next up, the French minister of the interior will want to monitor and censor your use of water, electricity, food, beverages, beds, … It is fair to assume, future terrorists are using those, at least 90% of them.

Hey, France, all that concern about free speech after the Charlie Hebdo assault did not last long, did it?

Now, before anyone thinks “Oh, the French”, our next winner comes from San Francisco.

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face the music casper…

Dear diablog,

Relatively recently our comment writer Casper apparently moved to London. We hope she is happily housed and settled.

Before moving she asked for recommendations of places to go and I suggested, amongst others, the variety and attractions in and around Camden Town.

Last weekend I found myself at one of the better locations in the area, the renowned Jazz Cafe

jazz cafe

which is an excellent venue for live music and a reasonably priced meal

jazz cafe1

though it is true that the acoustics are not by any means ideal but class shines through – especially when confronted by Alice Russell



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travel safely Engine Room…

Dear diablog,

I believe that our Boss is, as I write, boarding a flight for imminent onward travel from NY – though from last Friday’s post it looks as though he may have already slipped out!!

Via the good offices of Philippa

phirripa real

we hope that the ‘in flight’ instructions were delivered with a similar panache (though a little slower as the captions would not be available in real time)


That they all could think that fast.

Yours, diablog, groping under the seat for the inflatable doll