tomorrow is a red letter day…

Dear diablog,

Tomorrow is a red letter day – why? Wait a bit and you will find out!

What has been taking place, however, has needed a degree of mechanical skill and this is the best clip, thanks to Erika


that I have come across recently that seriously shows mechanical skill!


Mind you, as she says, only in India!!!!

Yours, diablog, fair dinkum


foxy lady…

Dear diablog,

I, annoyingly, still find too little time to find, scan/photograph or edit all the ‘stuff’ I have on our hero Sash Fisher. This has to get better – soon.

However, one easy bit was to post detail of his contribution to


with a ‘super cast’ of the time


which included one of those WW2 looking Renault vans.


For us, however, the contract arrangements are of interest…


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so how mad can you get…

Dear diablog,

I have been hinting, recently, at a possible addition to the Glynsky stable. Sorry, you will still have to wait a bit but in the meantime I stumbled upon the following clip which sadly is NOT that to which I have hinted.

My apologies for the whole thing being in Italian. It doesn’t really matter, just pump up the volume (as advised by Giuliano at the beginning) – but be ready for the ultimate madness.

His company specialise in the rebuild of Fiat 5 and 600’s (some of which are visible in the background at the start) and it would appear that he is prepared to build you, of all things…


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Any cabinetmakers?

Dear Reader,

Glynsky is the handy person on diablog. Me? Not so much.

My favorite, and the most delicate, tool I can use is a sledgehammer. Anything smaller and I am lost.

Yet, I love furniture with gimmicks. Secretarial desks with hidden compartments, campaign furniture, and extending tables.

And for a while I have been seeing this great piece on image sites online:



Isn’t that beautiful? This is where craft meets art.

I have no idea how this is constructed and made.

If by any chance a cabinetmaker is reading diablog, please let me know.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

rock steady…

Dear diablog,

As mentioned in previous posts there has been much activity in the Glynsky garages – more anon.

However, imagine my surprise on randomly choosing a garage waste disposal company to meet the guvnor who is, of all things, the lead singer in


who obviously had other things in mind.

Mine went immediately to

(note the trombonist who is a regular in Jools’ band on TV) but I have to say that Ska Faces are…


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