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Dear diablog,

I, annoyingly, still find too little time to find, scan/photograph or edit all the ‘stuff’ I have on our hero Sash Fisher. This has to get better – soon.

However, one easy bit was to post detail of his contribution to


with a ‘super cast’ of the time


which included one of those WW2 looking Renault vans.


For us, however, the contract arrangements are of interest…


…as shown here




Any comment on the rate??? And £1000.00 per week on expenses??

Probably to pay for the end of shoot gift similar to that given to him by LaLollo after


which is a strange thing to give a man.

gina front

gina back

Wonder what they give nowadays!

Yours, diablog, with stars in my eyes


2 thoughts on “foxy lady…

  1. Good morning Glynsky.
    I’m not sure if this a motoring test, but the van is a Citroen H van.
    Very interesting contract, probably very good money at the time.
    Can’t remember if I ever saw the film

  2. Can’t remember if I ever saw the film – After the Fox.
    I do remember Sash saying he hated Peter Sellers and wouldn’t work with him again after Pink Panther, but looks like he carried on anyway. This would have been near the last of his films in ’65.
    Interesting contract. What does the money equate to in today’s terms? £80 / week seems relatively modest for 1965, although it’s difficult to remember what pay was like then, so the expenses must have been a way around this and to avoid tax!
    Interesting to see Peter Sellers on the list of Directors at the foot of the page. Still the best way of boosting income being involved in production.

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