Weekend Classic

Dear Reader,

Not only has this been an extraordinarily busy week, somehow my weekend got a late start. I had the pleasure of helping a free-thinking, entrepreneurial, open-minded person to switch from Microsoft Windows to Linux. Which is always a great pleasure. Consider me flipping the bird to MS and Bill Gates. As usual, it took a bit longer than the ‘five minutes’. In any case, I hope to have made one person happy this week. And that was worth it.

Since this is out of the way now, here comes the diablog weekend classical tune:

Ekseption – Adagio

Of course this is a slightly jazzy interpretation from 1970. It goes well with a coffee and a cigarette, or a whiskey and a cigar.

We had a couple of pieces by Ekseption earlier on diablog. I will never grow tiered of those brilliant musicians from 45 years ago. If you can point me to a current band re-interpreting classical music, would you please let me know?

Enjoy your weekend,

Engine Room

PS: If you are interested in testing Linux without abandoning Windows, drop us a line too.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Classic

  1. Urm, so that melody sucked – the soul out of me.
    Enjoy your late weekend Beautiful. I will again set up afternoon tea for two and wait for you… :’)
    BFFForever right???

    Casper X

  2. I guess I owe it to ER to come clean and own up to being THAT free-thinking, entrepreneurial, open-minded person!! Do love the description. Can’t imagine being modest enough to describe myself in this way.
    I’m sooo pleased you considered it a pleasure, as I am – as always eternally grateful for you keeping me functioning in front of that dam screen. I reckon “flipping” Bill gates might have taken a bit more effort, but five minutes to do it all – it was not.
    So far so good with Linux. Type set is rather smaller than Windows, but I can understand some liking it so sharp. As with all things it will take a while to get familiarised with the format, even though there are not so many differences. Maybe some alternative labelling and functioning, but no big deal. The BIG deal will be the exclusion of all infections with luck. Fingers crossed, along with my legs after all that coffee!!

    1. Dear Philippa,

      Pressing Ctrl and + together increases the font size, Ctrl and – decreases it.

      Alternatively, click on Start -> Accessibility and there enable “large text”.
      That is for the visually challenged, I think.

      3rd option, go to Settings or Control Center, choose Appearance or Fonts and there pick your preferred font and size.

      Linux = have it your way


  3. By the way – I agree with Casper, that melody was a dirge. Not my cup of tea at all either.

  4. Thanks Pips,

    I am glad you and ER had a good week. And without sounding anything, you have seen him more than me so technically you and him are more best friends.
    Good Luck and Happy Times ahead for you both :)

    Casper X

    1. Casper.

      I wouldn’t want to take ER away from you, more best friends or not, we haven’t planned any wedding bells as yet and I’m pretty sure that neither of us would want to go there! I frightening prospect.

      Love the accent Casper. Wonder where you dwell. Go get him.

      Pips XX

  5. Thanks again Pips,

    Accent? sacré bleu! Which one is given off by my writing?
    The only thing I worried about was the BFF whale we had agreed to look after on alternative weekends.
    No dwelling though. Too happy with where I am <3

    Casper X

  6. I thought I was in a Funeral Parlour waiting for something to happen.
    Even Glynsky’s music is better than that.

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