rode the 600…

Dear diablog,

As if you hadn’t guessed!!!

The ‘into the valley of death’ teaser must have led you to the Glynsky folly whilst at


last October.

I had gone there on two missions – buy a wing mirror


and a number plate surround.

I came back with…





a Mark 1a 1958 Fiat 600!

So, much to the chagrin of Smiles, starts a whole new series of posts to show what a little jewel this is.

Yours, diablog, besotted


22 thoughts on “rode the 600…

  1. Of all the things I had thought you would say, this is ??????????
    Wot on earth are you referring to?

  2. You started it by quoting from the Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson, which every schoolboy knows took place during the Crimean War.
    Due to the cold winter there, soldiers started to wear woollen masks/hats, so called after the town of Balaclava nearby.

  3. I think it’s a wonderful little car, complete with suicide doors. An excellent addition to the Glynsky stables.
    That was a long way to go to buy a wing mirror or was some Italian wine part of the deal.
    Ignore poor Smiles, he’s spent too long in the wastes of the old Russia.

  4. Sorry Smiles, completely eluded me – dumkopf!
    Wine is always the part of any deal with me. Glad you like the ‘cheap’ addition – I am obsessed and drive it everywhere.
    Even though in total about 2.5 million were made it seems there are only 17 of all ages in UK and hardly any in Italy.
    I walked passed it about 9 times and each time it winked at me. I tried to ignore it but….
    Only real pain so far was finding new tyres – jeez, they are gold dust.

  5. Dear Glynsky
    Your apology is accepted.
    I remember when the gypsy women used to wink at you in the Bolero Bar, and now it is only old Fiats.
    In Bologna and going for some pasta.

  6. I am laughing so much right now Glynsky, that is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.
    I hate guessing because I am crep at it. But I betcha get all the ladies thinking you are a cutie.



  7. It’s one of those iconic cars that puts a smile on your face every time you drive it, enjoy

  8. …more bionic with all these pieces he keeps buying.
    But then he luhuuvs wine so he is ‘tots Magnifique’ as the French would say.

    Casper X

  9. In Glynsky’s defence Anne Summers [and such] shares’ see rises annually.
    He will be in demand.

    Casper X

  10. That is a serious chick magnet, like the Fiat 500, thanks to those ‘baby eyes’, and it is made for snogging.


  11. Secretly complementing yourself ER I see…
    You have nice arches ;-);-) oh and nice lips, ooooo and your hips are very feminine ;-);-)…
    Feels good to appreciate you :-P

    Casper X

  12. Smiley’a’whiley for me,

    I am sure you have noticed the correlation between being demanding on ones own to passively onto others.
    Glynder is the toughest Mcnutting on himself, he feels no remorse for you.

    But you and Glynsky can agree on one thing, buying me candy; because I will like it, Thanks!

    Casper X

  13. So much chatter for a silly little car – but you are all right.
    Everywhere I go everyone smiles, clasp their hands and in some cases just can’t help laughing.
    For what it cost it is repaying in spades already – wish I had thought of this years ago.
    Hells bells Smiles – the Bolero! Remember Zdenek (hope spelt right) – challenged me to drink a bottle of vodka – as I finished the first shot he did same, with the bottle!

  14. Hey Glynsky, if that car had feelings and I could translate them, they would be like:
    “you idiot, I am a machine, I am not even an automtic, I have no emotions, and do not care to pretend some just to make you look good. Stop this monologue and go back to bed”

    Urm…well…this is slightly embarrassing…Glynsky…diablog. Clever me thought I had the car figured out!!!

    Night night xXx

  15. Sorry, I didn’t think how the joke might sound to you.
    You are not an idiot Glynsky and is clear that the car is making you happy.
    I am so happy right now too Glynsky, so so happy. It is incredible, to be honest if you told me someone else felt the same way as me I would smile in disbelief.
    I am lucky,I know this too well.

    Casper X

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