lost their bottle…

Dear diablog,



has always had trouble in sorting out what to do with the empties after one of her ‘sessions’.

Added to this her love of moon(ing) dancing has always been apparent so it would appear that these guys have come up with the best possible all encompassing answer.

Good stuff, though. Must have taken hours of practice – and hang overs!

Yours, diablog, whisky in the jar


4 thoughts on “lost their bottle…

  1. Excellent !
    Just imagine, you could equip a complete orchestra with your empty wine bottles, and that is just after a good weekend.
    Going to Scotland to see the Druid tomorrow.

  2. I am curious to see if Glynsky can keep up.
    With me feeling extremely loved at the moment I can only wish him well and also offer to carry him when he stumbles.

    Casper X

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