Take off your seat belts

Dear Reader,

Tonight we updated the software running diablog (WordPress), and the theme, and a few plugins. All went smoothly- as far as I can tell – and you should not see any difference.

Since all the last updates went without the usual FUBAR, I would like to say a big thank you to the thousands of programmers, coders, developers, translators, maintainers, bug hunters, aka people who make all this possible.

To all the volunteers in Free Open Source Software: Thanks a lot!

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

time for walkies…

Dear diablog,

The ever watchful and mechanically minded Erika


has sent us a gem of developments in the mechanical world. I am not sure what kicking it achieves other than proof of stability but don’t doubt that someone somewhere will object on the grounds of cruelty to robots!

Mind you, it makes you wonder what armaments the US military will come up with for it!

Yours, diablog, on a lead


got that wrong then…

Dear diablog,

I had mentioned earlier that this week could be car dominated – wrong! Maybe next week.

Whatever, Philippa

phirripa real

sent this clip to assist any traveller to Ethiopia (Smiles?) needing to cross Meshkel Square – no traffic lights, no markings no nuffing! Well done Health and Safety!

As you watch this time elapse clip, notice nearly all pedestrians cross on the right hand side – when you’ve been Smiles, try it on the left, just for me!

Yours, diablog, duckin’ and divin’


mother’s little helper…

Dear diablog,

Following Engine Room’s ‘continental’ visit post last week it seemed a good idea to stay in Europe for a while – and involve cars!

Loved this one, sent by Erika


who lives in Cognac – so that means not really ‘car friendly’ (must support local industry!) and a rather horizontal time to come.

A good start to what I think will be a ‘motoring’ dominated week.

Don’t think booze has this effect!

Yours, diablog, with a vat in hand